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  • Elite¬†Nametag
  • Elite TAB Prefix
  • Elite Chat Prefix
  • Elite Discord¬†Perks
  • Set 30 homes
  • Armor Stand Editor
  • Up to 10 members inside your group chat
  • 90s /home & /sethome cooldown
  • 120s /tpa cooldown
  • Make a screenshot with¬†the founder of 6b6t qbasty, the screenshot will be later posted in the official 6b6t Discord in the channel #admin-screenshots


  • /hat - Put an item on your head
  • /deathmsgs color <COLOR>¬†-¬†Choose from 16 colors and change the way you see death messages
  • /connectionmsgs color <COLOR>¬†- Choose from 16 colors and change the way you see join & leave messages
  • /buildermode
  • /hotspot create - Create a hotspot¬†that will last 1 hour


  • Access to priority support using the channel #priority-support
  • Access to¬†private channel¬†#vip-chat
  • Access to¬†private channel¬†#elite-chat
  • Access to private voice channel #VIP Voice
  • Colored username
  • A wide range 35+ colors including the following sections: yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, grey & brown
  • Elite Discord Role
  • Role Icon
  • Set & change nickname
  • #general channel permissions: attach files, embed links, add reactions to messages, use external emojis, use external stickers
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